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A class action is a type of lawsuit in which one or more named plaintiffs sue on behalf of all members of a group that suffered from a common wrong to recover damages for the entire group without the need for each member of the group to file an individual lawsuit. These types of cases can be vastly more efficient and economical than individual lawsuits.

Kershaw Cutter & Ratinoff class action lawyers have successfully led and prosecuted numerous class action lawsuits in state and federal courts throughout the country representing individuals, businesses and consumers in matters involving:

We have succeeded in obtaining significant settlements and judgments for thousands of workers, credit card holders, purchasers of defective products, customers of Internet services providers, purchasers of prescription drugs, and insureds, to name a few.

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Proven Results

$87 Million Class Action Settlement for UPS Drivers

KCR served as co-lead counsel on behalf of 23,600 UPS truck drivers who allege they were illegally denied meal periods and rest breaks required under California wage and hour law. The case settled in 2006 for an $87 million cash payment and other benefits to the class valued at more than $4 million.

This is believed to be one of the largest wage and hour settlements in 2006, and the largest "meal and rest period” class action settlement in California history.

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